Travel Tips

Fly to bima airport (2hrs), not sumbawa besar (6hrs away)
-bring cash, at this stage there are no eftpos or atm’s in lakey. alternatively you can take a bike ride to
dompu 1hr away.
-transport from bima to lakey in a private taxi is a set price of 800.000rp (approx US $80), try and team up with other surfers to split the costs. (4 per car)
– bring plenty of spare wax, leg ropes, fins, sun cream and mosquito repellant
-respect the local culture, sumbawa is mainly muslim. while staying in lakey clothing is not a problem, but please dress moderately while in transit.
-have travel cover as medical help in sumbawa is not the best.
-2-3 boards will be sufficient, 2 regular and a step up.
– Most importantly be respectful in the surf! lakey has a mix of locals and travelling surfer’s from all over the world, respect the waves and respect each other. peace!